Board Dynamics and Performance.

Our board services are structured into three service offerings, all delivered by experienced consultants with strong commercial backgrounds and the credibility to make a difference in any boardroom.  Our service offerings are:

  • Board dynamics and development

  • Board facilitation

  • Executive coaching

There is some detail on each below.  Get in touch and we'll help you think through whatever it is you are trying to do -  our clients always find the discussion helpful.

Board dynamics and development


We all have blind spots.  Make sure your board has their's covered.


The members of Boards and senior teams are talented, experienced and strong. How they work together and relate both to each other and the organisation to become a high performing team are vital to the organisation's success.


Combining consulting, psychological, axiological and facilitation techniques, we help you make better decisions, faster.


Board facilitation


Make better decisions faster.


The standard way we would all recognise of running a board meeting follows 'Robert's Rules'.  These were written by Brigadier General Henry Martyn Robert and first published in February 1876.  A time of gas lamps, quill pens, and more than 40 years before women got the vote.


Not much technology has survived as long as Robert's Rules.  They still have their place.  We can supplement them with more modern techniques to help your board run more effectively and make better decisions for the benefit of your company, shareholders and stakeholders.

Executive coaching


Development, accelerated.


Executive coaching is increasingly sought by senior leaders as a space where they can have reflective conversations about their work and be challenged on their thinking and approach.  A coach allows the executive’s “internal wisdom to become conscious”, and then helps them to take action if required.


Our executive coaches combine their coaching talents with business experience and our profiling techniques to hit the ground running and help you to faster insights.