We have joined forces with Technology & Management Practice to provide a service to build personal and organisational change competency, so you can deliver the benefits you promised

We develop and mentor leaders to be successful change agents within their organisations

Business transformation and change initiatives are designed to create enterprise value.


Problem is, a number of studies (from Harvard and McKinsey amongst others) show that results are poor:


  • At an organisational level 70% of internal transformation programmes destroy value for the organisation.

  • At an individual level, ineffectiveness at the workplace is value destroying and the demotivation it produces is soul destroying. 

  • Societal change initiatives falter because teams are (typically) poorly trained or skilled. This includes those programmes run by consultants and contractors.

Ongoing mentoring, peer review, networks and support

Access to a thriving professional community

Focussed real world problem solving evenings

Bespoke interventions and advisory

We have been through over half a billion pounds of change initiatives and have seen a lot of train wrecks. We have also seen some fantastic successes, and been fortunate enough to be connected with the best minds on leading change successfully. 


We develop, train and mentor leaders to be successful change agents within their organisations.


  • We build personal and organisational change competency so you can deliver the benefits you promised.

  • We go deeper, not only sharing what works but also explaining why, looking at the underlying psychology.

  • As a result, you will avoid costly mistakes, create value and become an effective agent of growth and change.

An online, self-paced, flexible learning environment (in development)

You will develop an expert understanding and knowledge of change, complemented by practiced new skills.  You will be able to lead the construction of a developed, functioning strategic competency for your organisation - the best resource to deliver successful change.


The benefits of great management practice transcend both for profit and social enterprises.


The results can be world changing.