Human data based solutions


  • Replicable

  • Trackable

  • Consistent

  • Reliable

Leadership is an art based on communcation applied to people. Management is a science based on data applied to things.


Consono is a transformation and HR management consultancy.  It brings a combination of new techniques to the UK marketplace based on Nobel Prize nominated research, and focusses them on how we deal with our people. Whether it be recruitment, talent management, change or engagement, our mission is to help Britain grow, not by working more but by working better together.  


Our consulting is based on bringing a unique human dataset and applying the best leadership techniques to save you time and make you money.



Our data goes deeper, to examine what drives each individual's behaviour.  With this knowledge, a leader can manage as well as lead.

The traditional, Jung based approach to management, leadership and HR starts and ends here, with behaviour.