Talent - Recruit, Engage, Develop

Our HR offer is based on getting the data to understand what makes your people tick.  We match that up with what your business needs, and use authentic, dialogue driven techniques to get you business and your people working in harmony.  The results can be astonishing, directly reflected in your bottom line. 


Our service offers (detailed below) are:

  • Recruitment need profiling

  • Employee engagement

  • Change programme repurposing

Recruitment need profiling


Sifting CVs - a notoriously unreliable way of getting the person you need.  And we all know about interviews - a performance art, unrelated to how well any given candidate will actually do the job.


But what if you had a data driven, US EEOC approved way of 

  • Matching the right type and 'fit' of person to the role before you meet them

  • Knowing their strengths and weaknesses and what to test them on in interview

  • Baselining their abillity and starting their personal development plan from the day they start

  • Saving £'000s in unsuccessful hires


Get the right match - don't wait a year before you realise it is the wrong one.

Employee engagement


Gallup surveys indicate only 24% of employees in the UK are ‘engaged’.  Of UK managers

  • only 40% described their relationship with their team as ‘trusting’

  • only 27% described their relationship with their own manager as ‘trusting’.


Output per hour worked in the UK is 20% below France.

Download our latest white paper on ways to approach this business critical challenge here:

Change programme re-purposing


Accelerate your change

A large part of any business change involves HR processes such as moving people to different roles.  Our profiling techniques can help you quickly understand who to:

  • Recruit

  • Retain and re-train

  • Release


saving an average of 6 months and £25,000 per employee.