Transformation and Leadership.

Running a programme or delivering a project is about the planning and the people.  Through our PPM services (detailed below) we accelerate your delivery and bring the focus on the benefits by bringing

  • Coherence and clarity

  • Leadership and teambuilding

Through a combination of human data and technical expertise, we get your programmes off to a sure and flying start.

Delivering transformation and clarity


Cross-organisational planning and communication that eliminates 78% of the reasons for transformation failures.

There is a tension in transformation delivery through portfolio, programme and project management (3PM).

  • The business translation of strategy to Portfolio implementation sits across the programme and project silos

  • Programme Users, Sponsors and Top Management care about Product, Value and Use – The benefits and outcomes

  • Project Managers and their teams focus on Time, Cost and Product – Getting the project done

This means most projects get done, and are seen to be so.  What don’t materialise are the benefits they were meant to produce, and the cross functional coordination that delivers strategy.


By combining standards-based 3PM with systems thinking we ensure cross organisational coherence, strategic focus and benefit focus from the start.

Leadership and teambuilding


Building and leading a programme or project team is challenging.  It often involves working with people you have never met (and may never meet) and who have other demands on their time.


Getting the human data up front on who your team could be will enable you to

  • Make the right team choices

  • Know from the start how to build them into a team

  • Get to peak productivity months faster than you might otherwise have done.

We can make sure you get the right team, and get it working right, fast.