Silo Co-ordination

This is about making all the bits work better together.  We working on structure, process and human relationships to take the conflict out of your internal relationships.  Our sevices (detailed below) get your company working together in a way that everybody wins:

  • Dialogue driven reengineering

  • Strategic coherence

  • Relate by negotiation

Dialogue driven reengineering


Aligning People, Process and Performance with Technology

It’s people who sustain new ways of working. We drive maximum sustained value from your systems and processes by provoking your people to change the way they work. We provide a way for managers and staff to discover for themselves the need for change by appreciating the whole of a system or process.


  • Rapid change in thinking and behaviour of managers and staff

  • ‘Sticky’ approach to change sustains new ways of working

  • Improves capacity, reduces cost, focuses on value-adding activity. 

  • Visual approach to understanding future state

Strategic coherence


Getting it all pointed the same way.


Starting with what your organisation thinks are the answers to these questions (spoiler alert - bet there is more than one version!):

  • Why do we exist?

  • How do we behave?

  • What do we do?

  • How will we succeed?

  • What is most important—right now?

  • Who must do what?


We bring you to a shared view on the Lencioni questions, and guide you in what you do about the answers.

Relate by negotiation


Everybody is just trying to get their job done.  This means they end up competing for resources within the company.  This can quickly become conflict and lead to

  • broken relationships,

  • empire building,

  • low productivity

  • higher costs


Change the game.  Bring an understanding of how everyone can win to your internal and external relations.  Negotiate better contracts, have happier customers, and work better together.