Our approach to training design

Our mission:  Actionable knowledge

We translate the understanding and advances of academia into practical, real world usable approaches.

This is a matter of perspective.
Academic material is produced and organised in a body of knowledge.
A practitioner needs to know “How do I best carry out the task given me? “
  • what should I do today?
  • how do I do it?
The answer to that may span many disciplines.
We look at bodies of knowledge from the practitioner perspective and design our training accordingly.

Example: Leading a Negotiation

This course includes elements of negotiation theory and practice as well as

  • psychology

  • facilitation

  • lean

  • change management

  • coaching

  • leadership


These are translated into skill development, frameworks and tools that can be used the very next day in the workplace.


This course was developed for the DfE and has also been used with multiple Local Authorities, Servicemen, Trades Unions and the Clore Social Fellowship.